Best Hiking Backpack Under $100 Reviews in 2018

Ask any backpacker, and they will tell you how much, fun hiking across the country is. The outdoor activity sets your senses free, as you experience the countryside and nature. You enjoy the moment fully, as you explore and learn anew to appreciate different sites and places.

However, hiking would not be fun without a decent quality backpack; simply, it can make or break a hike.

The good thing about globalization and growth of the internet is the access to thousands and thousands of items, and selecting the best can prove a real challenge.

In the following write up, we provide an honest review of the best hiking backpack under $100 so that you can hit the track in confidence – -there’s still so much to see out there.

Our Top Pick of the Best Hiking Backpack Under 100 Dollars

Selecting the best hiking bag may not be a walk in the park, especially if you haven’t the slightest idea on what you should be looking for – we have all been there, one way or another.Mountaintop 70L+10L Hiking Backpack

We review some of the best sellers and provide some useful information to help you select the best. You are also free to choose our deserved top choice, which is Mountaintop 70L+10L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack.

But what is so special about the backpack?

Well, apart from the attractive design, the backpack has various pockets and compartments for easier storage and access to gear. It also has all the appropriate features for comfort, and safety, as well as, convenience. With a bag like Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack, you will always be looking forward to your next hiking exercise.

Top 10 Best Hiking Backpack Reviews

No doubt there are numerous best day hiking backpacks under $100, out there. However, there’re also factors that make one product better the rest. The following ten hiking backpacks are some of the best sellers, meaning that they have something that sets them apart from the rest.

Let’s find out what they are all about, and if they are worth the hype.

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack Lifetime Warranty Handy Foldable Camping Outdoor Backpack

The first thing you notice on laying your eyes on this best budget hiking backpack is the almost oval frame. Well, some people may have reservations about this design, but we can look on the bright side. It easily fits your back as you move across the country – a great thing.

It is always critical that a hiking backpack is lightweight to make your hiking easier. At only 05lbs, we can safely refer to Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack as one of the lightest.

The backpack is quite roomy, with a volume of 33 liters. That means you can carry some of your most important gear. The key word here is your most important gear. See, the majority of the packs are bigger, ranging between 40 and 50L, and so this may be quite small by those standards, especially if you are a beginner hiker.

However, the compact design is ideal for short distance hikes, camping, and other fun outdoor activities. Even so, experienced hikers will not have trouble fitting all their stuff in this.

The material is rip-stop nylon fabric, water-resistant and durable. It is important that your gear stays dry at all times. You can never be too careful, and sometimes, you will come across a situation where there’s splashing of water.

In other words, the water-resistant material on this fabric will liberate you, and you can finally get close to water features and enjoy the view without worrying that your gear will get wet, and your electronics will spoil.


  • A good frame that comfortably sits on your back
  • Easy to carry
  • An attractive design
  • A lightweight backpack – weighs only 0.5lbs
  • A decent volume of 33L
  • Features a water-resistant rip-stop nylon fabric
  • It is compact and easily folds to a pocket
  • Multiple pockets and compartments for the easier organization 


  • Some people may not like the round design
  • The volume may be smaller for some hikers 

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Hiking Daypack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack (Red)

A decent hiking backpack is always durable. Well, the material on this hiking backpack is heavy-duty nylon. It is water resistant, and you will no longer have to be afraid of light rains and water bodies, that you pass along the way.

The backpack weighs around 0.7lbs, and so it will not prove a challenge as you move from one place to the other. The added weight of some backpacks can make them hard to carry when loaded with all the necessary gear.

Its double-layer bottom piece makes it possible to carry all your stuff at a go. Hence, you will not need to worry about the bottom of the bag crumbling under the weight of your gear, getting embarrassed in the process.

The backpack features durable SBS metal zippers that give you a decent amount of service. Typically, the zippers are usually the first to go in most backpacks – sounds familiar?

Comfort features in this backpack include a breathable mesh and adequate sponge padding on the shoulders and back – it is as a fun backpack to have. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable, and certainly the chest strap helps lock the backpack in place, and limit movement, no matter the terrain you are negotiating.

Sometimes, you can have so many stuff to bring on a hiking trip, and there’s a need to keep them organized in the backpack. The bag is not short of these compartments and pockets which makes it easier for you. You can finally bring your camera, iPod or any other gadget and safely tuck it away.

Another interesting feature about the backpack is that it easily folds into an inner zippered pocket for easier transport from one place to the other.


  • Made from water-resistant material
  • A lightweight backpack
  • It is not too big, nor too small
  • Easy to carry from one place to the other
  • A double-layer bottom piece for durability
  • Durable SBS metal zippers
  • Padded shoulders straps
  • Meshed back for good air flow and added comfort
  • Multiple compartments to keep everything neat and organized
  • Compact and easily folds into a zippered for easier storage and transport 


  • It is too lightweight and has no padding to carry a laptop
  • The inside lining may start peeling after using for a period
  • The interior structural support is not the best 

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Daypack

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack (New Black)

Outlander returns with another great backpack designed to make your hiking easier, fulfilling and enjoyable. For starters, the backpack is available in a variety of colors, and so you can choose the one that matches your interest.

The material on this backpack is rip-stop nylon for added durability and water resistance. Your camping items are thus safe inside. It boasts SBS metal zippers, abrasion resistant and durable. They are strong and will go for years without breaking.

The bag is quite compact that it folds down into a pocket so that you can easily carry it without much hassle. Storage is also no issue with this feature. It is lightweight, weighing at only 0.7lbs – quite something.

And at 35L, the bag is relatively roomy and sufficient for carrying most of the hiking gear, depending on your needs. It also has several pockets for easier organization and storage of all your stuff.

Apart from the big main compartment for such items as the tent and clothing, the backpack features two zippered front pockets, where you can keep smaller items. There’s also an aluminum carabiner for attaching stuff.

The attached whistle is to ensure your safety when out there hiking. You never know when you might need it to catch the attention of others. Other safety features include a reflector to keep you visible even from afar. The feature is especially helpful when moving along the road to your destination.

Other motorists and hikers will see you.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and water-resistant rip-stop nylon
  • Strong SBS metal zippers
  • A compact bag that folds down into a pocket for easier storage and carrying
  • At 0.7lbs, the bag is pretty lightweight
  • Adequately roomy at 35L
  • Numerous pockets for organized storage of all your items
  • Has an aluminum carabiner clip that you can use to attach stuff
  • There’s also a whistle for the emergency situations
  • A reflector to help with visibility 


  • It is not quite water resistant, and it would be best to avoid getting wet
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • The bag may not hold up for long 

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping; Sewn-in Rain Cover; Hunter Green

If you are looking for a sizeable bag, bigger than your average hiking bag, then this is your lucky day. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack boasts a 55L liter capacity, which most other bags cannot match. It’s one of the largest in its category – no reason whatsoever to leave anything behind, don’t you think?

It has premium features you only find in other more expensive bags – it is an investment worth every bit of cent. Among these features include adjustable waist belt and torso to ensure a good fit. The pack also features thick padded shoulder straps for comfort. That means you can carry heavy loads for longer without shoulder strain.

It has molded channels and open-cell lumbar pad for added comfort and airflow. You no longer have to deal with the sweaty and uncomfortable back as you move to your destination.

The material is 600D Oxford canvas, highly durable to provide long-term service. Hiking exposes the backpack to a host of factors such as weather and abrasion from plants, grass, and sand that you find in a hike.

It has a large compartment that easily fits your sleeping bag – how sorted could you be? There are multi-directional compression straps to ensure a comfortable fit and support. They are necessary for keeping the bag from moving so much and creating discomfort.

There are several pockets and compartments for your gear. That helps organize your stuff for easier access and care. For example, there are specific pockets for your car keys and maybe a cellphone. You will, therefore, not need to throw the bag contents on the floor to get them.

The backpack is a little heavy, but it makes up for it with its top of the range features and durability – you couldn’t ask for more.


  • A sizeable 55L bag to carry all the essentials
  • Has an adjustable fit and torso for the internal frame pack
  • Thick padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Molded channels and open cell lumbar for sufficient airflow and back comfort
  • Features a durable 600D Oxford material
  • A large main compartment that easily fits a sleeping bag
  • Compression straps – multi-directional for support
  • Various pockets and compartments for the easier organization 


  • It is a little heavy at 4.5lbs than your average bag
  • The bag may not be ideal for short stature people 

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack; Day Pack Perfect for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Biking, Climbing, and Hunting; 2 L Water Bladder Included; Sewn-in Rain Cover; Green

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack is for those after a stylish pack. Some of us love appealing products, and would not settle for less no matter the activity. As such, this backpack will afford you admiring glances as you negotiate that final bushy area.

The bag’s appealing design and functionality makes it truly versatile. In other words, you can choose to utilize it on your next visit to your relatives upcountry or even to the beach party and not feel out of place. Don’t we all love versatile products?

The backpack also has some great features, and the current piece, we can refer to it as a bargain. Essentially, the pack is lightweight and will not tire your shoulders with unnecessary additional weight. It is also adjustable to make it comfortable and fitting.

Its adjustability ensures that the bag does not keep moving around the back and shoulders – you know how uncomfortable that can be. The bag is not too big like some of them in the market. It is, therefore, ideal for short hikes and for those that don’t need a lot of items when going on a hike.

A highlight feature of this pack is the 2L-hydration bladder that it features. There’s a convenient sip tube that makes access to water easier. Sometimes you are too tired or lazy to move around and reach for the water bottles.

You know how hard it sometimes can be to find the best fit bag. However, this pack may be the best you will come across that spreads and fits your back adequately.


  • A backpack with an appealing design
  • It is a versatile backpack, and you can use it on a variety of activities
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • An 18L capacity, making it compact for short hikes
  • Made of durable material to go for years of hiking
  • A hydration bladder to keep you hydrated at all times
  • Has a convenient sip tube for easier water drinking
  • Quite the ideal fit
  • Comfortable high density meshed straps for comfort 


  • Maybe too small to carry everything necessary for a successful hike
  • There’s no selection of colors. 

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L - Hiking & Travel Backpack w/Waterproof Rain Cover & Laptop Compartment - for Hiking, Traveling & Camping (Blue/Grey)

Whether you are hiking or traveling, a good decent size pack is necessary, and something like OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L is the ideal. You see, a 50L capacity is good enough to carry a tent and other items you need to keep warm, and protected from the elements.

And on the appeal side, the backpack is a winner. It has some of those mouthwatering designs that excite your senses. The blend of colors, flame, the shape of the straps and well-placed padding are all features that are worth a note.

It is also a versatile bag that you can use for a variety of activities, apart from hiking, of course. It is a bag that you can use for your travel upcountry or even camping.

The bag is waterproof and even comes with a rain cover to ensure your items are safe from sudden cases of water splashing. We also don’t know when the rain would fall when out there hiking and the rain cover is quite functional, that is if you don’t want your items getting wet all over.

You will also find a padded compartment for the laptop. That means you can bring your work along as you move, and enjoy nature. There are also other pockets to store and carry other necessary items conveniently.

There are various attachment points for holding various items like the trekking poles, hydration bottles, and sleeping among others – designed for the hike, don’t you agree?

And to help keep the load in place, the pack features several straps. The hip straps distribute the load to the waist and keep it in place no matter the incline. There are also side traps to pull the load towards your back making it easy to carry.

The material on OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L is durable nylon and also features heavy-duty YKK zippers – it is a bag that will be your favorite hiking companion for years to come.


  • A sizeable 50L capacity
  • Pone of the most appealing bags to have on a hike
  • Quite versatile
  • The bag is waterproof and comes with a rain cover
  • A padded compartment for the laptop
  • Various pockets for convenient storage and carrying of items
  • Several attachment points for the hiking equipment
  • Functional side straps to ensure the pack stays in place
  • Made from a durable nylon 


  • MaMaybeoo big for some people
  • The material may not hold up under heavy use 

Mountaintop Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover for Outdoor Camping

Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover for Outdoor Camping

The 40L hiking backpack may as well be your ideal, based on several factors including appeal. Well, an appeal may not be among the most important features in a hiking backpack, but we are different. The appealing design may be a single most motivation for going hiking sooner.

Every feature is in its place and quite proportional, but the appeal is not the only feature that this bag has to show for it. Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover for Outdoor Camping boasts six adjustable straps you can use to tie up the hammock, sleeping mat or other gear easily. The straps make your task of bringing larger essential gear, easier – you couldn’t ask for more as a hiker.

The bag also has a computer compartment, big enough to fit a 17-inch laptop. You will no longer have a reason to leave your computer behind. It is also versatile and can use it on several activities such as camping and travel.

Essentially, the bag fulfills most of the airline requirements on size, and so you do not have to worry so much about anything.

The pack also has a side compartment you can use for hydration. You know hiking can be tiring and moisture draining in the body?

It has D-shape hooks where you can easily strap smaller gear – hikers never have enough equipment, and this feature is a lifesaver.


  • Has an appealing design
  • Adjustable straps for tying other larger camping gear like mats and tents
  • A computer compartment for a 17-inch laptop
  • It is a versatile pack with all the necessary features
  • Fulfills most airline size requirements
  • An adjustable hip belt to help distribute the weight and achieve stability
  • A meshed side compartment you can use for hydration
  • D-shape hooks for hanging additional gear
  • A durable construction
  • Water resistant and a rain cover to keep your gear dry 


  • A poorly designed top pocket that may spill everything if not careful
  • May not sufficiently big for all your gear
  • The zippers may not be among the best 

Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 70L+10L Hiking Backpack

Serious hikers and mountaineers deserve a serious backpack, made with the right features for the fun outdoor activities, but what are we talking about?

Well, that description leads right to Mountaintop 70L+10L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack. For starters, the bag is among the largest in its category, and which is a good thing. That means you will bring everything you require to make your life in the outdoors a little bit easier and fun – there are certain items that you can’t leave behind, and when you do, your hike becomes uninteresting.

When it comes to durability, the bag doesn’t do too badly with rip-stop fabric and YKK zippers and buckles. That means the pack is sufficiently durable to give you some good service as you scale those mountains, travel and enjoy all the fun that outdoors have to offer.

It is water resistant, and you will not need to worry as you pass through the damp mountain overpass or along a high humidity path along a water body. And if Mother Nature decides to shower the area, the pack boasts a rain cover – no sudden rain misfortunes.

The bag has various straps for weight adjustment and distribution – a functional feature. You will also find a hip belt pocket for smaller items that you need quick access to, such as a cell phone or car keys.

Other excellent features include a trekking pole attachment when you don’t need the pole. There’s also quick access zippered front that makes it easy to reach your items. If you need to get to the main compartment, you only flip the cover, and there you are.


  • A large capacity to bring all the mountaineering essentials
  • The material is rip-stop fabric and YKK zippers for durability
  • Water resistant and lightweight fabric for protection
  • Comes with a rain cover for added protection from the rain
  • Various straps for weight adjustment and distribution
  • A hip belt pocket for keeping smaller items like cell phone and keys
  • Quick access zippered front
  • There’s a hydration compartment on the side of the bag
  • An adjustable back length for added comfort when carrying 


  • The straps not adequately padded for long treks
  • Its rain cover not large enough to cover the additional 10L capacity
  • Waist straps may keep loosening up 

Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

Mountaintop 65L Outdoor Hiking Backpack Camping Backpack Internal Frame Bag, Black

The first thing that you lay your eyes on at first glance is the ergonomic design. That makes it easier to carry, whatever the activity you’re on. It is easy to carry and feels comfortable at the back, more than you would with any other backpack.

It is durable, featuring a heavy duty nylon material. As a result, it will easily take the pressure of constant use and different environments, as well as, the weather. The zippers and buckles are YKK and hence high quality and efficient.

Other excellent features on this bag that is among the cheap hiking backpacks include a trekking pole attachment for easier carrying. It also has various pockets and compartments for organization. You don’t have to throw everything at the same place.

Among the pockets include the side pockets for easier access to your items. There are also front pockets for convenient storage.

The bag has various adjustable straps to make the bag fitting, limiting movement, and making it comfortable. It has a hydration system to keep your thirst and water loss down – you know how much energy and water, hiking takes form us?

And one thing that you probably don’t get from the other bags is the air diversion structure – quite innovative. The design enhances air circulation along the shoulders and back keeping it comfortable and dry.

The backpack also features meshed and padded shoulder straps for easier for a comfortable and easier carrying. The padding will protect your shoulders and hence can a significant lot.


  • Boasts an ergonomic design
  • A sizeable 65L backpack
  • Sturdy YKK zippers and buckles that take the pressure of constant use
  • Has a trekking pole attachment
  • Several pockets and compartments where you can organize your everything
  • Various adjustable straps for a good fit and comfort
  • Features a hydration system
  • An air diversion structure to keep your back comfortable
  • Meshed and padded shoulder straps for enhanced comfort 


  • Does not adequately transfer the weight to the hips
  • The frame and padding is not the best
  • Low construction and is not comparable to others in that aspect 

Såk Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack

Såk Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack: 500D PVC, 25& 35L Sizes with Welded Seams, Reflective Trim, Padded Back Support, Cushioned Adjustable Straps, Inner Zip Pocket & Splash Proof Outer Zip Pocket

When you only need a medium-sized bag for shirt hikes and treks, then a pack like Såk Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack is sufficient. The 35L bag is compact, lightweight and carries a great design. It is one of those bags that you are proud of having any day, for any activity.

The Såk Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack is a versatile backpack that you can carry to any outdoor activity and not have strange looks towards your way. Its sleek design is quite comfortable at the back. It fits well at the back.

Talking of comfort, the bag has a couple of comfort features including padded back and straps. You can no longer complain of painful load-bearing pressure on the shoulders and back. The sternum straps distribute the load across the body, providing sufficient comfort and stability, regardless of the incline – quite an important feature for a hiking backpack.

There is side D-rings that you can use to carry more gear, make your hike a load of fun. Essentially, you can attach your water bottle here and not have to worry about thirst anymore.

And unlike most other bags that only claim to be waterproof or water-resistant only to surprise you when they let in the water like sand, Såk Gear BackSak Waterproof Backpack is the real deal. The PVC material will not let in even a single droplet of water.

It has a roomy interior pocket where you can store valuables and electronics, keeping them safe from other items that may be wet. The outer pocket is splash-proof, and you can use it to store keys and other small equipment conveniently.

The bag has several safety features you can use that you will not get with other comparable bags. For example, it boasts a reflective patch to keep you visible as you move along.


  • Medium-sized and ideal for short hikes
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has an appealing design
  • It is a versatile backpack
  • A comfortable design
  • Padded back and traps for a comfortable carry
  • Sternum straps for weight distribution and stability
  • Side D-rings for holding more hear like a water bottle
  • A waterproof pack to adequately protect your items
  • Features a splash-proof outer pocket for small gear
  • Has a reflective patch for visibility and safety 


  • May be too small for long hikes
  • The chest straps may come off easily 

What to Look For When Buying a Top Rated Hiking Backpack Under 100

Choosing through a big number of backpacks is no easy task, especially if you don’t have the slightest idea of what you should be looking for. The market is awash with different brands of backpacks, each boasting some features. If you’re not careful, the aesthetic appeal may fool you and land with a poor quality pack.

Well, the biggest mistake that you can make is buying a cheap pack for hiking. It is never fun to have all your items sprawling on the ground for everyone to see, just when you are about to complete that last incline. It would be quite embarrassing, and frustrating.

Below are some of the features to look out for in a top-rated hiking backpack.


A decent quality backpack shouldn’t sweep all your savings. That said, avoid the very cheap products that have nothing to show except their marketing appeal – these marketers are witty and can capture anyone at an instant, if not careful. While taking good care of the backpack can increase its life, it is imperative to select a top quality and durable pack.

As you know top quality and cheap are not, most of the time, compatible. You get either of them. But expensive does not always mean that the item is quality. Some brands have a habit of hyping one or two features, to capture your attention. The thing is to identify the overall quality, such as the materials and features.


The volume of the bag will determine how much stuff you can bring to the hike. Much experienced are successful in fitting all the necessary gear in a 50L backpack. However, if you are a newbie, you can purchase a bigger pack, and work your way down.

Another important consideration is the time of the years. You see, you cannot carry the same stuff in summer, the same as you do with winter. The latter will need a little more to keep warm – don’t you think so?

You will need to consider the compartments, pockets and other features that may as well as constrain the volume of the overall bag when in use. A good way to be sure of the ideal volume for you is to bring all the stuff you are going to need in a single place, and determine how much backpack space you are going to need by measuring.

The thing is that we all have different needs, and your hiking gear may need to be more than that of the other person. It would not be ideal to get something and prove to be less in size.


The frame size of your backpack depends on its weight and volume. The heavier or, the bigger the capacity, the larger the frame. The best frame is the one that feels comfortable for you.

In most cases, it all depends on your stature. A taller individual would not feel comfortable with a smaller frame backpack, the same way a short hiker would not feel good with a backpack that is too tall. Considering that you will be walking with the bag at the back, it is critical to making sure it is as easy for you as possible.

It is much better to reduce some stuff than end up straining when negotiating an incline when hiking.


Weight is much different from the volume. You see, a bag may boast a bigger volume but be light to carry. Among the various factors that will contribute to the weight of the pack include the material. Of course, some materials like canvas and Oxford are heavier than nylon or polyester.

The features such as pockets, padding, compartments, and straps all add to the weight of the pack. The important thing is to determine which weight is comfortable for you. And remember to incorporate the weight of the gear in your selection decision.


You don’t need a pack with a complicated design when planning your next hiking trip. Consider the pack as just a sack designed for carrying the other stuff adequately from one place to the other. Numerous compartments, zipper, colors and appealing design are not very important and will do very little in having a successful hike.

The ideal pack has a blend of simplicity and streamlining for easier load carry. The fact is, other hikers will not care so much whether your pack has the latest features or not. Your objective and their objective is to reach your destination, and back while taking in the wonderful sights, and everything.


The material is one critical factor that you should never ignore. Ideally, a durable, as well as, as the lightweight fabric is the way to go. A good example of a decent material is Rip-Stop nylon, durable, lightweight, as well as, water resistant.

Dyneema Composite Fabric is another decent choice for a material which is also water resistant and lightweight. Waxed cotton will work well during the hot hit months but may not be ideal for winter hiking. You see, pack that protects your stuff from light showers is ideal.


Getting the right fit in a backpack may not be as simple as it sounds. But you can make it easy by measuring your torso and hip before making any purchase.

The right fit will make the hike fun, and easier to take than an oversized pack. Ideally, you should use your current comfortable pack as a measuring yardstick for your new backpack.

Return Policy

The seller’s return policy protects you from unsatisfactory purchases. For example, online purchases have several uncertainties such as fit, volume, and comfort. The majority of return policies allows you to return the product within a given timeframe if unsatisfied.

Make sure that your choice of backpack comes with a favorable return policy to protect you from poor quality or something that you don’t like in the backpack – you have a right to get the best.


Hiking is quite physical, and you need to be at your best form to hack it. But what does that even mean?

Well, your backpack must support the activity, and not be an inhibiting factor. It should have all the necessary comfort features that you can think of such as padded shoulder straps, and padded back to protect your shoulder from getting hurt. A meshed back is also an ideal feature to keep your back from soaking wet and uncomfortable with sweat.


Which are some of the most important features to stabilize the load on a backpack?

A stable backpack load is critical when hiking, and two features will help you achieve that. For starters, the hip belt helps relieve your shoulders from bearing too much weight and distributes it to the waist – a weight shared is easier to handle, or what do they say?

The other feature is shoulder straps, comfortable shoulder straps. Make sure the straps have sufficient padding to make your weight comfortable and easier to bear.

Why should I have a hiking backpack?

Well, there are various bags on the market, each design in a particular way to serve a certain purpose. In the context of hiking, you cannot just bring along any backpack. You will need something designed to support your hiking.

For example, a hiking backpack has the design to bear everything you are going to need such as a decent volume and comfort features. Essentially, you cannot bring your schoolbag, or strap bag you carry to the office. You need a hiking backpack for hiking.

Which is the best hiking backpack volume?

The ideal backpack volume varies from one individual to the next. Typically, the hiking gear that I require, and the one you require may be different. Maybe you will need to bring your favorite scarf and three towels, and another person only needs one small towel.

In most cases, 40-50L is usually sufficient. But you will need to put all the stuff you’re going to need in a polythene bag and measure the volume to be sure.

How do I know the best hiking backpack?

Among the simplest way to land your ideal backpack is to follow our buying guide above. The best hiking backpack under $100 should have sufficient comfort features such as padded shoulder straps and mesh back. It should be lightweight, have the right design, and prove to boast sufficient volume to carry the gear you require.

But if looking for all these features seems like hard work, you can, as well take our word, and choose from the above-reviewed products. Even better still, you can run with our top choice – yes, our recommendation is free, no charge at all.

Are cotton material backpacks any good?

There are cases where cotton would be a good choice and that include the hot sunny days. You see, cotton acts as a decent wicking material, absorbing the sweat and making you comfortable. When there’s a chill, the cotton traps air within it and acting as good insulation for the body.

However, it can be a dangerous material, especially when it rains. Its high rate of absorption and wicking are likely to be your Achilles heels when it rains, and the material gets wet. It means that it will insulate the water and cold, and may lead to cases of hypothermia and disorientation.

Wrapping Up

Hiking can be a lot of fun if you have the right equipment. The best hiking bag makes your outdoors a little bit easier, and enjoyable. You can bring along everything that you require for convenience and efficiency.

The above-listed backpacks will make a good choice, and serve the purpose. However, our top choice is Mountaintop Internal Frame Hiking Backpack, based on several great features. The backpack is among the most comfortable with such features as meshed and padded back, as well as, shoulder straps.

Apart from comfort, durability is another important feature that should be a regular in a backpack. Our top choice has this and many other features – a genuinely quality pack.

Best Hiking Backpack Under $100 Reviews
mountaindrop backpack

Product Name: Mountaintop 70L+10L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Functionality


Every hiker worth their salt deserves a back like Mountaintop 70L+10L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack. They deserve a backpack with all the features to ensure a comfortable carry, and durability, not to mention convenience. The bag is durable and versatile enough to use it on a regular basis.

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