Hey there, human over the phone or computer welcome to BackPackDroid. My name is Jeremy. My friends call me Miles. My full name is Jeremy Miles. The thing is I travel a lot. Not necessary many countries but a lot. And I always had a dream to guide people about traveling and share my previous experience. I’m here to guide you so that you can buy the best backpack on the market available.

My Self

So, I started sharing my experiences in a Facebook group. Then people began to admire my posts and suggested me that how I could have done better. Then I figured out in every post; I shared very some words with my favorite sling backpack. Suddenly I realized that I became or got so into backpacks, that I could do a Ph.D. in that. Just kidding. I forgot to mention that, I always suggest my friends or guide them for buying backpacks. I was so obsessed with backpacks, just like women into shoes.

I was intense in IT sector from academy life. Starting website development professionally from university life, I took this passion to the following level. Above all, I enjoy my love than anything else.

I also have an Entertainment and Trends Blog. Feel free to pay a visit.

What I Do

  • Providing Travel Experiences
  • WhicWhich Back Pack Suits You? Contact Us If you need counseling.
  • Why Back Packs? Describing!! Best Ones.
  • Benefits of traveling with Backpacks.

I Hate

  • Promoting Fake Things
  • Telling people something that is not appropriate or doesn’t work
  • Suggesting to buy expensive things
  • And most important, giving a paid review to some companies. We do, but we maintain our ethics.