How to Choose a Fly Fishing Travel Bag

In contemporary times, there is a product for every profession or activity. As an angler, you can be sure that there is a wide variety of products in the market serving your needs and that includes bags. The challenge comes to choosing one product over another.

Fly fishing travel bags come in a wide variety of qualities, and that is often confusing when determining what you require and why. You can consider the following to make sure you get the best.

Water Resistance

The idea of having a water-resistant bag sounds great. However, the rubberized material these fishing travel bags come in is not good with conveyor belts at the airport.

You want something that would be easier to tag along especially in busy places.

Besides, the waterproof zipper this bag comes in is sometimes hard to operate. Given these challenges, it would be best to skip the water-resistant bags unless you are going to haul it in water.

A smaller and portable bag is more than appropriate to have around.


A bag on wheels is better than the one without. If you are going to purchase an extra-large duffel bag, it is best you go for the one that is on wheels.

The bag can quickly weigh as much as 50lbs when filled to the brim with gear. This would make it hard to haul in busy places such as airports.

You will also need a bag that would not hurt you when hauling along. A curvaceous bag with smooth corners comes to mind.


Anglers tend to tag along with the way too much stuff.

However, it is important to have a plan. If you make a list of just what you actually need, you can get away with just enough for a carry-on.

When flying, you need something simple and cheap. A two-day trip does not need so much, and a light bag will be more than appropriate. Go for the right size and if it has other properties such as water resistance, and durability among others, the better.


Fly fishing travel bags need to have a material strong enough to take the abuse of squeezing rod tubes and other fishing accessories.

The wheels must also be robust to handle the significant weight these bags carry. It would be embarrassing to have the wheel crumble on your journey.

If you come across a bag that looks good enough, be sure to check the base. A reinforced base will be a source of a peace of mind en route to your destination.


A bag can be easier to cart around and even easier to carry.

However, what is most important is what the bag can take. Go for the bags with a roomy compartment in addition to mesh pockets. And if the bag also has compression straps, the better.

The bag should have adequate room for your clothes; fly boxes and reels among others that you consider essential for your trip. Read more about Fishing Backpack.

Final word

When going for a fly fishing travel bag, make sure that it is light, easy to carry along, durable and has adequate capacity. A duffle bag does not necessarily have to be waterproof.

However, the choice is it up to you. As a standard, you should purchase the bag that fulfills your needs appropriately.

Photo by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Northern VA


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