How to choose a backpack for your next hunt

Everyone knows what a backpack is and we are guilty to have fallen in love with them. A backpack allows you to carry a lot that would have been impossible with our bare hands. You can carry all you need in one place, and that is great.

It goes without saying that you need a backpack when you are out hunting. The problem comes in choosing the right one among the thousands. What features do you look for to make sure you get the right one?

The following write up will hopefully prove helpful when choosing the right backpack for your next hunt.

Why you need a hunting pack

Backpacks are some of the essential tools you need when out hunting.  They allow you to carry all the other tools you need to be successful in your hunt. Even though hunting is an exciting activity, it is quite challenging especially when you don’t have the right tools.

Some of these tools include the optics to help track and observe the prey. A backpack also lets you carry snacks and beverages to replenish your energy after hours of scaling and walking.

Most hunting backpacks are water resistant, and so they keep your precious equipment safe from the perils of weather. You know how unpredictable weather can be.

Things to consider

The capacity

There are two elements you need to think about when choosing a backpack based on size. The first is how much the bag can carry, and the next is how perfect it is for your body type. You need a backpack that can easily handle all the stuff you require when hunting.

To determine the size of the bag you need, bring all your gear together – only the most important stuff – and measure the amount of space you require. Have an allowance of up to 20% in addition to the measurement you have obtained.

Also, make sure it fits your frame so that it will be comfortable to carry. Failure to do this can lead to a lot of shoulder and back pain making the hunt utterly impossible.

Fit and comfort

A decent backpack comes with an adjustable waist belt and straps. This allows for the bag to hug your back appropriately and avoid any uncomfortable side to side movement when walking.

Hunting equipment adds up to a significant amount of weight. The bag you choose must have padded shoulders and have adequate ventilation. This makes the bag comfortable as you walk to your chosen hunting spot.

The best hunting bags fit your body contours allowing for a good range of movement. If the bag carries a bad design, the discomfort, as a result, can affect your efficiency in hunting.

The quality

If there is one thing that you should never compromise is quality especially when it comes to hunting backpacks. It is better you pay extra but get quality. The internal stitching, zipping and lining should all be satisfied. Make sure of it before you check out. At you will find the review of 7 best hunting backpacks.

If you intend to haul meat in addition to the equipment, make sure that the backpack also has an external frame that can handle heavy weights. You also want well-designed pockets that will fit and keep your gear organized.

The best hunting backpack needs to be water resistant. You never know when a downpour may happen and ruin your equipment.

You also need to be as inconspicuous as possible when hunting. A camouflage print will help keep out sight contributing to your success in hunting.

The features

There are certain features specific to hunting backpacks. Choose the one that will accommodate all your needs. If you are a hunter that prefers using a bow as your primary hunting tool, then the backpack must-have features that accommodate the tools you need when using the bow.

Gun users have a variety of backpacks they can choose from. Many of them come with a concealed handgun pocket or holder. However, it doesn’t hurt if, as a bow hunter, you have this among the other features.

Silence is critical when hunting and so the zippers, as well as, the material of the bag should all contribute to this silence. Remember that big and small game have acute senses that help them keep them alive. You must be at your best, and that includes being as silent as possible.

Final word

Choosing a backpack for your next hunt can prove extremely difficult if you have no idea of what you should be looking for. The best hunting backpack must, first of all, be made of water-resistant material. It must be comfortable and fit all your hunting equipment. All in all, the backpack must be helpful when out there hunting.

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